Ganadores 2018


Official car / P8-001281



Cliente o Anunciante Estadão
Producto Institutional
Inscrita por Marcela Dalla
Categoría P8

Joanna Monteiro, Director Creativo General

Fabio Simões , Director Creativo Ejecutivo

Marco Monteiro, Andre Pallu, Director Creativo

Estadão Conteúdo, Fotógrafo

Elton Longhi, Anna Sant’Anna, Director de Cuenta

Rafael Cardoso, Karoline Araújo, Ejecutivo de Cuenta

Gerente de Projetos: Suelen Mariano, Otros créditos

Estadão – one of the biggest newspapers in Brazil – places absurd political news in the place they should be: the comics section.
Every time that an absurd fact happens in Brazil, it’s analized by the editor. And, if this is case, it becomes a comic strip.
It’s a different way to draw people’s attention and to show that politicians have gone too far.