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Create an ad to be placed on a Netflix billboard to launch a new movie. At first glance, this might seem like a typical assignment. However, our goal was to launch White Noise, Noah Baumbach's new film that satirizes American consumerism, on Black Friday, the most consumerist day of the year, and do so on Netflix's 3D billboard in Times Square, the epicenter of shopaholism. With hundreds of competing offers vying for attention, our challenge was to leverage the excitement surrounding this day to grab people's attention and generate interest in our movie.

To launch White Noise, Noah Baumbach's new movie that skewers American consumerism, we helped people in New York forget about the impending doom by... shopping! During Black Friday, the most consumerist date of the year, Netflix turned a single billboard in Times Square into dozens of credit cards with real money. During 12 hours, different cards appeared with a $500 limit each, allowing the fastest passersby to grab the numbers, unlock it, and use the entire balance to buy whatever they wanted. Netflix didn't just fulfill people's shopping needs during Black Friday. It also helped them understand if money really buys happiness.

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Producto: White Noise

Anunciante: Netflix

Premio: 1 Oro y 1 Bronce

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