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Due to the diversity of neighborhood stores in Colombia, a nationwide beer promotion fails to connect with Poker's entire audience. For this reason, store owners prefer to run their own handmade promotions.

So, we decided to make them part of our marketing team through a digital platform that allows them to create their own promotions. This is so that they have a simple and easy-to-use design tool and for us to collect relevant data about the promotions that work best in different corners of the country.

Compañía que inscribe: David Bogotá

Producto: Poker

Anunciante: AB InBev

Premio: Grand Prix

Categoría: Creative Commerce,


Pancho Casses, Global CCO
Juan Pablo García, Managing Director
Carlos Camacho, CCO
Sebastian Suárez Gnecco, Copywrites
David Beltrán Oicata, Art Director
Fernando Luque, Ilustrator
Javier Caceres, Art Director
Juan Rivadeneira, Motion Graphics